Fulanis testing the resolve of Yorubas, enough is enough – Gani Adams


The Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yoruba land Chief Gani Adams has called out the marauding Fulani herdsmen in the south west of Nigeria to desist from their acts or face the wrath of the Yoruba nation.


Chief Adams in a statement by his Special Assistant on Media Kehinde Aderemi said it was unfortunate the activities of the herdsmen had remained unchecked by the government.


He regretted the murder of Nigerians, including pregnant women and children and berated the Federal Government for not helping its own image with the belief by Nigerians that the presidency is always silent when the issue concerns Fulani herdsmen.


“The diplomacy of the Yoruba on national issues, especially when it borders on security, should not be misconstrued for cowardice. It is part of our nature to accommodate people from other ethnic nationalities but now, our people cannot go to their farms again because of the fear of the unknown. The Federal Government must immediately check activities of these killers to avoid plunging the country into an avoidable war.


“There is no war in Nigeria, there is no famine, no earthquake, but the number of IDPs in the country is more than what obtains in a country where war is going on. Murder of Nigerians, including pregnant women and children continues everyday. What is really going on?


“Historically, the Yoruba are known to have the capacity to defend themselves. These killers are testing waters by burning the farm of Chief Olu Falae and invading the farms of prominent people in the South-West. We will no longer accept activities of this murderous gang in Yorubaland. Enough is enough,” he said.


He said to enforce the law, security agents must ensure justice for all and sundry, while warning that if not quickly checked, the situation can lead to a complete breakdown of law and order because Nigerians have the right to defend themselves.


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