Rock your day with Mankle









This fashion trend “Mankle” is not for the rain, it is a trendy fashion statement. You can wear this trendy look with a nice denim trousers,  chinos, cauldron and different others; it could be baggy or pencil, but I think pencil trousers rock better, and slay by rolling your trousers up to the ankle, but of course with good shoes to brighten your foot. You may not need to roll up your next trousers to the ankle; it can be tailored to the style.


At first when it came into fashion it was seen as a young adult fashion statement that has erupted, but later when the trend started hitting the major streets of the country you knew you are in for it.




I know many people will be wondering how the name mankle came about, many experts may not be able to provide you that answer, but I believe it stemmed from the words man and ankle — which simply implies a man’s ankle.




With this fashion trend, however, it implies a man rolling his trousers to the ankle to make fashion statement. In contrast, however, ladies are now rocking it. In fact, they are better rockers, especially when they do it on sneakers.

So mankle has expanded from being men’s wear to something of both genders. When you see it on ladies they look particularly exceptional when they dazzle it on pencil trousers.

Now classiest ladies would rock on pencil trouser mankle.  They are available ready-made for all persons who care to look trendy at these trendy times or you can create your own by rolling your trouser to get the same effect. Remember it is either you roll it, or you get a ready-made one for yourself.




Classiest and cutest are always in the knowing of what would make them stand out, not that they are vying for the too expensive wear, but they know what would make them stand out. They like to wear what would give them the right attention. Many expensive wear may not match — Nigeria’s classiest know this so they shop for happening trend that would keep them new every day. Try one today!


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