‘Don’t be deceived, 2019 elections can’t be rigged’ – Ekweremadu


Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu has assured that it would be impossible to rig the 2019 general elections as the whole world would be watching Nigeria.


Ekweremadu made the comments on Wednesday when he played host to National, Zonal, and State Youth Leaders of the People’s Democratic Party PDP in his office.


According to the Deputy Senate President, nobody will be allowed to truncate the country’s democracy.


“Nobody should be deceived that they will rig election in 2019. The international community will also be watching; and like the late Sam Mbakwe said ‘if you are awake, the rat would never take your fish.’ So if we ‘shine’ our eyes, nobody will rig us out,” he said.


While assuring the youth group that the emergence of the PDP in the next general elections would guarantee their active participation in the nation’s political sphere, he called on them to shun any form of electoral violence.


“The next PDP government will expand the political space for the youth by abolishing age limit so that franchise begins and ends with the number eighteen. Once you can vote, you should be voted for”.


“The days of violence are gone. We have to put on our thinking cap. Do not match any person violence for violence; but match them ideas over violence. It is ideas that rule the world”, he said.


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