Employment in modern “communism” Nigeria

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There is no reason why anyone should be unemployed, homeless or destituted in any nation while some others are flying private jets, drinking exotic wines, paid twenty million dollar bonuses and etc. People may have all these advantages but not while some others are dying of starvation, living homeless, unemployed and etc, it should be only after all others have had their basic needs taken care off. Animals seem to know this intuitively as animal civilizations do not have some animals living in luxury in the midst of extremely poor fellow animals.

There is no job anyone is doing, be it CEO, medical doctor, researcher and etc that another human being can not do, though it often requires training, so, anywhere there is an administration leading a human civilization, there ought to be full employment. Being employed should not be a priviledge. Whatever jobs are available should be shared to all. In this way, there will prove to be too many jobs. Unemployment should not be seen as a driver of the economy or of the people to work hard. People need to be driven to enhance productivity but there are many ways to do this apart from allowing unemployment to be a norm.

In the NYSC program in Nigeria, the youth corpers are still driven by their superiors wherever they are posted to, despite the fact that the Federal Government pay their salaries and many of them have been given community awards for outstanding service. Their salaries are paid on the recommendation of their superior. So people can be driven to work hard and be more productive even with guaranteed employment.

The Earth has enough resources to afford a comfortable life for all, so unemployment and poverty should be thrown into the dust bin of history. Full employment is the future of humanity and there will never be enough people to fill all possible positions, no matter what. Such a policy can change any nation forever and it is better than the current system in most nations.

Such an arrangement can only be possible if a large chunk of the GDP in form of taxes is rerouted to the center for organisation and such taxes will be taken mainly from statutory minimum wages and such a tax is no tax at all, since the minimum wage is fashioned to accommodate it from the onset. It can also be augmented by corporate taxes, tenement rates and others.

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