COVID 19: PTF releases guidelines for full school reopening

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The Presidential Task Force PTF on COVID 19 has finally released guidelines for the safe reopening of schools in the country amidst the corona virus pandemic.

Although no date was fixed for the reopening, it was however clear that the Federal Government was seriously considering the first week in August for academic activities to commence, although under strict adherence to the laid down COVID 19 protocols.

The guidelines which detailed measures and requirements needed for the safe reopening of schools, was developed in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Environment, Federal Ministry of Health and health safety experts in Nigeria.

According to the document which was released by the Federal Ministry of Education reads in part; “However, there are exceptions where the two-meter rule cannot be reasonably applied and other risk mitigation strategies may be adopted. Examples include early years, younger primary school children, and those with additional needs.

“In these circumstances, risk assessments must be undertaken with the best interests of the learners, teachers, and other education personnel in mind. The scenarios require organizing learners and children into small groups with consistent membership and compliance with the risk mitigation strategies. The membership of these groups should not change unless the NCDC public health guideline suggests otherwise.

While speaking on the released guidelines yesterday, Minister of Education Adamu  Adamu said, “Given that COVID – 19 may be with us for a while, the guidelines also highlight the urgent need to maintain and improve upon distance-learning programmes. Our aim is to identify and strengthen programmes that will guarantee the recovery of learning gaps resulting from the pandemic.”

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