Nigeria –Ghana faceoff : Peter Obi condemns clampdown on Nigerians in Ghana


Vice Presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the last elections, Mr. Peter Obi, has described as unfair, the recent clampdown on Nigerian businesses in Ghana by the Ghanaian authorities.

He spoke through a press statement made available to the media.

Obi, who said such actions negated the true spirit of African brotherhood, lamented the unfavourable business environment being created for Nigerian businesses in Ghana. He said it was unfair and unjust to close up shops and offices of businesses that were legally registered and of which their owners were law-abiding residents.

Speaking on the $1 million business registration fees and taxes allegedly levied on such Nigerian businesses by the Ghana Investment Promotion Council, Obi said it was shocking as it was outrageous, that foreign businesses were being subjected to such terrible conditions without minding the huge losses incurred by these businesses due to the global pandemic.

Obi stated that governments should be encouraging local and foreign investments with palliatives for more post-COVID economic recovery, instead of choking them with harsh economic conditions.

Describing the actions of Ghanaian authorities as undiplomatic, Obi said there were more peaceful channels of communication that would have been followed.

“Recent reports of clampdown and forceful closure of business premises belonging to Nigerians in Ghana is not only unfair and unjust, but it clearly negates the true spirit of African unity. Governments around the world, knowing the huge losses and setbacks incurred by businesses due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, are doing their best to revive local and foreign investments.

“Suppressing Nigerian businesses in Ghana at this critical time should not be seen as a right step,” Obi said.

He called on the Federal Government to urgently wade into the matter and save Nigerians in Ghana, whose means of livelihood were obviously being threatened by the recent actions of the Ghanaian authorities.

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