A New Hero in Sports… Tobi Amusan

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It was a special day in sports for Nigeria! Tobi Amusan is the first Nigerian gold medalist and the first Nigerian to break a world record. Her performance was nothing short of spectacular. Smashed the 100m hurdle world record in the semi-final in 12.12 seconds and broke her semi-final record at Hayward Field in an incredible time of 12.06 seconds. Dusting all her opponents with her powerful strides and graceful hurdles was truly outstanding to witness.

Tobi dusted all her opponents with her powerful strides

On the podium, Tobi Amusan shed tears while the Nigerian anthem played in the background is a monumental moment stamped in history forever, a moment many of us will never forget. It is a proud moment for Nigerians across the globe and a representation of the greatness that lives in Nigeria.

She is a role model and a hero too, all Nigerians everywhere and it should be an eye opener for Nigeria to realize the importance of cultivating and nurturing the talent and ambitions of its citizens. Tobi Amusan is another great Nigerian on a long list of Nigerians doing great things and representing Nigeria in a positive way.

Tobi fulfilled her prophecy in her old tweet:

“Unknown now, but 🔜 I will be UNFORGETTABLE … I will Persist untill I SUCCEED ….🌎🌟📌

— Oluwatobiloba Amusan, OLY (@Evaglobal01) November 8, 2016

Speaking after clinching the Gold medal, Amusan said: “Honestly, I believe in my abilities, but I was not expecting a world record at these championships.”

Many on Twitter shared how proud they were of Tobi Amusan’s achievement. One of the tweets by Dr Dipo Awojide reads:

“Hearing the Nigerian national anthem and watching Tobi Amusan made me shed tears. Such a historic moment. Such a great country with great potential. I love love love Nigeria”

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