Area Boys Dig Tunnel Under Bridge, Make Money from Users to help traffic 


Another indicator that all is not well in the country where institutions are generally very weak. Area boys are almost a law onto themselves like terrorist bandits, corrupt public servants and other criminal elements.

Longbridge, Ogun – The gridlock at Longbridge, the Ogun end of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, is getting worse due to the ongoing construction and has created an avenue for hoodlums to make money. According to The Punch, a group of boys dug a tunnel under the Longbridge, where motorists and commercial drivers use it to beat traffic on the road. 

It was also observed that the road users drive through the tunnel, which was the beginning of the bridge, when coming to Lagos. 

Through the tunnel, motorists are able to connect to an untarred road in the Warewa area and beat the traffic towards Berger in Lagos. 

However, the tunnel was flooded, but around it was a pumping machine and pipe, which a commercial driver confirmed was used to dry some of the water by the hoodlums to ease vehicular movement. The area boys, numbering six, are directing the motorists into the tunnel while collecting money before they could pass. 

On the side of the bridge where the tunnel is, there is a banner placed there with an inscription that reads

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