BBTitans: Kaniva, Marvin sort things out

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After a week of hostilities and unsure intentions, the duo of Kanaga Jr and Blue Aiva as well as Marvin and Yaya have sort out their differences.

During a heart-to-heart, Kaniva and Marvin discussed Marvin’s disappointment at being substituted for Yelisa during the previous nominations.

The Maya pair had been talking about how shocked they were to be put up for eviction by Kaniva all week because they felt there was a certain level of friendship between them. At some point, their fellow housemate Miracle OP quickly pointed out that Kaniva’s choice was a power move.

During the fourth Sunday live show, Ebuka decided to shake things up as he asked Marvin to speak about the frustration he had all week over being put up for eviction.

Marvin admitted that he did not see Kaniva’s decision coming. He went on to say that Kanaga Jnr must have chosen him and his pair not because of his game but for personal reasons.

Kanaga Jnr responded he had personal reasons for putting up Maya for eviction but he couldn’t say what the reasons were in public.

Ebuka’s questions opened the door for some sort of conversation between Kaniva and Maya. This conversation took place a few hours later when Kaniva approached Marvin to appease him. While speaking with Marvin, Kanaga Jnr said he was on good terms with Marvin but putting him up was the smartest move to make at that moment.

“I don’t feel like explaining myself is necessary but because it’s you, that’s why I am explaining,” Kanaga Jnr said in their conversation.

Furthermore, Kanaga Jnr explained to Marvin that he had to be conscious of the fact that as much as they were building friendships and connections, they were still playing a game.

Their conversation ended with a bro hug between Kanaga Jnr and Marvin.

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