Emirates’ flight operations to Nigeria to remain suspended

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Emirates Airline has revealed that a significant amount of its revenue trapped in Nigeria has yet to be repatriated. The airline called on the Nigerian government to implement a “committed strategy” that will enable foreign airlines to repatriate their funds.

Last year, Emirates suspended flight operations to Nigeria twice over its inability to repatriate its $85 million revenue trapped in the country. Five months have passed since operations to and from Nigeria were suspended, and the airline claims that there has been little progress in clearing its backlog of funds, with 50% still overdue for repatriation.

Despite efforts to recover its funds, including proposals and measures, dialogue with government stakeholders and industry bodies, and media reports of public assurances, solutions have been delayed.

Emirates calls on the Nigerian government to work with the airline to find a mutual resolution to repatriate its funds and prevent future challenges and delays.

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