Election Tribunal: Labour Party Out To Blackmail Judiciary — Keyamo

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APC chieftain Festus Keyamo has accused the Labour Party of setting the stage to blackmail the judiciary in their quest to upturn Bola Tinubu’s victory in the 2023 presidential election.

Keyamo petitioned the Department of State Services (DSS) on Thursday in a bid to get LP’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi and his running mate, Kashim Shettima arrested over their recent utterances.

Elaborating on his decision in an interview, he alleged that the party is trying to get citizens riled up so that they can be turned against the judiciary.

According to Keyamo, Obi’s supporters are setting the scene for rebellion.

“People have actually retrieved their mandate by going to court, it is only when it does not favour you and that is what the Labour Party is doing now and that’s why I have to petition them to the DSS.

“There’s a buildup to something that they are doing, the buildup they are doing is to rile the people up, pump them up and then turn them against the judiciary that if your judgement does not go in a particular way.

“That is where they are going; they are setting up the scene for rebellion and they are setting up a scene to blackmail the judiciary.

“And that’s why if you go online now, I have alerted the DSS that they have housed some boys in one popular hotel in Abuja and I will give that information to the DSS where they have told them every morning to be pumping out online messages to rile up the citizens, cause fear and all of that.

“What they want to do is once the judiciary now goes another way, then the Judiciary must have sold out.

“That’s why they are threatening the judges, they have gone up to that point.

“Labour Party online touts now are threatening judges, their families, exposing them so there is a situation where they want to create fear in this country.

“During the election, they tried to threaten people to support them, they failed.

“During the announcements, they tried to threaten INEC.

“Everything about them is a threat, to threaten INEC to support, they failed. Now they want to move to the judiciary”, he stated.

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