Boris Johnson visits Nigeria, expresses confidence in defeat of banditry

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During the 16th Anyiam-Osigwe lecture series titled ‘Rehumanising human experience: A synopsis of Anyiam-Osigwe’s treaties’, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his confidence in the defeat of banditry and terrorism in Nigeria and the eventual triumph of law and order in the country.

Johnson emphasized that safety is the foundation for freedom and the key to a thriving nation. He assured the audience that the UK is ready to offer assistance to Nigeria in defeating the terrorists and bandits, as the UK has had experience in handling such issues in the past.

The former Prime Minister pointed out that democracy is a precious and under attack all the time, and the right to choose those who govern and remove them from office is essential. Johnson also criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine, stating that Putin underestimated the Ukrainian people because he does not practice a democratic system.

Johnson highlighted the need for a society that is an open system and emphasized that politicians should create opportunities for people to reach their full potential, which is not only morally right but also beneficial to the economy. He lamented the colossal waste of human resources in Nigeria despite its vast potential.

To unleash Nigeria’s potential, Johnson recommended credible elections, equality before the law, education, and a good transport system. He called on Nigeria and the UK to deepen their partnership, stating that the two countries share similarities. He also stressed the importance of enforcing the law without fear or favor and allowing people to freely elect those who will govern them, while emphasizing the need for an effective transport system.

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