13-year-old girl gang raped in Ajao Estate


Operatives of the Gender Unit State Police Command Ikeja Lagos state police command are currently investigating two suspects identified simply as Ebuke and Darlington for allegedly raping a 13-year-old victim.

Webteam@Ipledge2nigeria learned that the incident happened on the 9th of March 2023 when the victim was sent on an errand by her mother at about 6:30 pm with her ATM card.

However, trouble as learned started when the victim couldn’t find the ATM card and began to look for it frantically along the path she has walked through before she discovered the card had gone missing.

According to the victim, while she was looking for the lost ATM card that was when I meet the two guys who volunteer to help her find the ATM Card. We went together with the two of them to collect touch light. Unfortunately, when we got there, they started removing my dress and threatened to kill me if I shout. While one was holding my hands and the other raped me. They took turns to rape me.” 

Recounting how the victims were rescued from the claws of the rapist, the victim’s elder brother Musa Adedunmoye, said: “When I came back around 8:30 pm to break my fast, my mom said me she sent my younger sister on an errand to buy a bag of sachet water with her ATM since around 6:30 pm and she’s not yet back.”

My mother explained that said all efforts by my pregnant wife to search for my sister were unfruitful.”

“I stood up immediately and went outside to look for her. I asked neighbours, people on the street and a gate man around if they saw her around.

One of the security guards said he saw my sister and two young men walking down the street. The guard further revealed that one of them  works in the car paint factory down the street.”

“My wife and I went there to the car paint factory. I knocked on the gate over 15 times no response. So I  shouted my sister’s name. The first time no response,  the second time I called her name, she responded with a loud cry.”

“When I heard her voice, I rushed into the compound. 

While I was trying to know where she was, one of the people who raped her  I  quickly ran out of the room and took to his heels. I quickly grabbed the second one so he won’t escape. The first one who ran came back and threw a bottle at me which I dodged, enabling the one I held onto to escape. 

“I called my brother who went to Ajao Police Division and reported the case. While waiting outside of the compound the police arrived in their patrol van.”  

“The police asked the landlord to provide both suspects who had already fled the scene.”

Webteam@ipledge2nigeria gathered that the landlord was only able to provide one of the suspects, whom the police took to the police station.

Meanwhile, the case has been transferred to the Gender Unit State Police Command Ikeja for further investigation. 

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