Man arrested for domestic violence yells out, “She denies me sex!” The wife shouts out, “Save me before he kills me!”

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A local Carpenter Michael Agosu who has been arrested by policemen attached to Ogijo Police Station Ogun State Command for domestic violence has revealed that he beats his wife because she denies him sex. 

Webteam@Ipledge2nigeria learned that the father of four was arrested on Thursday for beating his wife Kafiat Salami, to stupor at their residence in Escoba area in Ogjijo, Ogun State.

Explaining why he beats his wife, Agosu said that “My wife is always demanding money. She does not allow me to touch her. At night she puts on trousers to prevent us from having sex. Anytime she allows me to have her, immediately she wears her trousers afterwards.”

Sending an SOS message, Kafiat Salami said “I am not happy with the domestic violence, government, human rights organisations and Ministry of women affairs should come to my rescue, before he kills me.”

Narrating her suffering in the hands of her husband in the past 14 years, the victim, Kafiat, a native of Ibadan said this is how he has been beating me for years unprovoked. Even when I am pregnant he beats me up.” 

According to Kafiat what happened today (Thursday) was that I was washing clothes around 11 am when my husband came back, and he said he will beat me to death. Before I knew what was happening he used wood and iron to hit me in my eye. Even when I was bleeding, he kept hitting me.”

Explaining further, Kafiat said he has not paid my dowry, we have been together for over fourteen years and have four children. It is only my grandmother that was aware of the marriage, my parents were not. It was after I gave birth to my first child I went to see my father,  that was before he passed on.”

“My husband is an Egun man from Cotonou. He works as a carpenter and works in the Mushin area of Lagos. 

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