Relationships Today, according to Rema, Are Materialistic [Video]

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Rema, a Nigerian musician and songwriter, recently shared his opinions on the materialistic nature of today’s relationships.

Rema said during a conversation with i_D that the line “love is not a source of income” from the song “Addicted” from his first album “Rave & Roses” is his favorite line.

His personal experience served as the basis for the poem since he believed that many relationships in today’s society are more concerned with monetary gain than sincere affection.

“Favourite lyric on my album ‘love is not a source of income’,” he said.

“It came from an actual experience. A lot of relationships in our new generation is just really all about the gains, all they can get.

“The Chanel bags, the Gucci this, the Gucci that

“I was loved because of what I am, not who I am. Nobody likes to feel used in the end.”

When asked to define love, Rema said he couldn’t, as it was a personal and unique experience for everyone, and he was still waiting to live his own version of it.

“That is the only question I just can’t answer. It is painful that I can’t really define love.

“You have to live your own version. I have not lived my version. I’m waiting for it though.”

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