Rev Father John Okoro, Parish Priest, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Ojota has said Nigerian youths made a huge statement in politics.

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Rev Okoro made this known at the 19th  Young Christian Workers International Day celebration  organised by the Young Christian Workers  Movement in Nigeria tagged Youth Yearning to be engaged in nation building, held in Festac, Lagos

According to the Parish Priest, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Ojota, despite the challenges, young people in Nigeria have been able to make an impact in politics. Many young people actively campaigned for their preferred candidates and some people ran for offices themselves. The election saw the emergence of so many candidates who contested for various political offices and won because of massive youth participation. A good number of youths were actively involved in the whole electioneering process.

However, their efforts were truncated and frustrated by those who should be assisting them through their future and their participation in the leadership of the country.

Lamenting Rev Father Okoro said the elections were marred by a whole lot of violence and disenfranchisement of the youths.

Some became frustrated and they never wanted to go back to have the governorship election which should have chosen a better leader for them.

Speaking at the event, the Archdiocesan President Young Christian Workers  Movement, Ijeoma Ayaborsi, said the youth represent a significant part of our country’s population, they are yearning to be engaged in national building, they want to be involved in shaping the future of the country and contribute to its development, shaping the future of the country. In other countries, the youths are more engaged in politics, it’s not like a thing of surprise to them when you hear that those who are below forty are occupying political positions. But, here in Nigeria, it seems we have to be above sixty before we can be seen as someone who can occupy a position.

“Youths in Nigeria are now yearning to be part of the process because they believe they can do better. The 2023 election was different because the youths came out en mass. They said it is our right to pick our leaders and they were able to show that.”

Young Christian Workers Movement YCWM is empowering the youths to be engaged in nation-building.”

Unfortunately, the government does not want the youth to be engaged in government, they are scared of what ideas we will come up with. They are like the analogue set while we are the digital set of people. They are scared that when we come on board we will retire them. We are tired of everything that has gone wrong and we should be given the chance to make it right.

Emphasising the importance of dignity of Labour, Reverend Father Simon Okelezo, Chaplain, YCW Festac town deanery said the youths need to understand that there is dignity in labour. Very often the youths want to work little and earn a lot of money. They need to change that mentality.

The highlight of the event was the match passed by the various Deaneries in Lagos State.

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