Phonehubb builds Online Computer Village

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The center of technology in West Africa is thought to be Computer Village in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a thriving hub for tech-savvy people and entrepreneurs, with thousands of gadget stores selling everything from smartphones to laptops.

 Finding a trustworthy location to buy, repair, sell, or swap gadgets might be difficult as navigating through the maze of shops is already a challenge.

Many people across the nation have harshly criticized certain market practices after suffering the loss of money and prized gadgets due to the schemes of unqualified engineers and con artists who use the chaotic market as a means of defrauding customers or selling fake goods and services which include and not limited to mobile phones, laptops,  software, accessories and others.

Phonehubb gives you the premium computer village experience, right through your smartphone. The brand’s commitment to innovation is evident in every aspect of its operations. This brand is dedicated to giving you the luxury of purchasing, repairing, selling, or swapping your device, all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

You can browse and buy the newest smartphones, electronics, monitors, computers, accessories, video games, and more new technology on Phonehubb’s website from top manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, HP, Dell, JBL, Beats, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Microsoft, Xiaomi, Oppo, Redmagic,  Porodo, Green, Anker, Razer and SanDisk, to name a few. Their website also allows you to easily list your device for sale, and they handle the entire process, from verifying the device’s condition both legally and physically to handling the payment and shipping.

You can also apply for or load a Phonehubb Card, a prepaid USD, GBP or Euro card backed by Local Banks to pay for internet service subscriptions like Apple Music, Spotify, Starlink, Prime Video, Netflix, Facebook adverts and shop on Apple AppStore, Google PlayStore, Amazon, Shein, Alibaba, ASOS, Farfetch, Nike, PayPal,  Zara and many other international stores without worrying about card restrictions. It is also a physical card accepted globally at VISA or MasterCard approved terminals scattered around the world.

Oluwo Ifeoluwa, the CEO of Phonehubb an Old Boy and a former School Captain of the elite King’s College, Lagos, also a graduate of the esteemed University of Lagos, is steadily establishing Phonehubb a 6 year old name as the foundation for technology distribution and upkeep in the nation. The company is quickly achieving its goal of accelerating economic growth and digital inclusion as seen by the large number of smartphone users, resellers and tech companies who are benefiting significantly from the nation’s online economy. It is not surprising that Phonehubb is rapidly gaining popularity, from its humble roots in Ikeja to West Africa and beyond given its excellent leadership and committed team.

Their platform is not only reliable and efficient, but it is also safe and easy to use. What has distinguished Phonehubb over the years is its dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, Phonehubb is a versatile web platform that offers a wide range of products and services related to mobile devices. They are easily accessible whenever and wherever you are through their website or social platforms (Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok).  Whether you need to buy a new phone, repair your current device, sell or trade-in for cash, or even purchase or reload a prepaid card for internet service and online shopping, Phonehubb has got you covered. It is a great option for anyone looking for a streamlined way to manage their mobile needs and services in one place.

With Phonehubb always at our fingertips, there is no need to visit computer village any longer, they deliver both locally and internationally through their delivery network and trusted fulfillment brands like GIG Logistics and DHL. So why not give Phonehubb a try and make your life easier?

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