Songwriter Tyson Perfect set to revolutionise the music industry 


Nigeria’s emerging songwriter and music producer Tyson Perfect has revealed that he wants to revolutionise the Nigerian music industry.

According to Perfect who is known for his ability to seamlessly blend genres and push boundaries said “I am ready to revolutionise the music industry with my exceptional songwriting and production skills.”

Recounting how he got into music production, Perfect, noted that “I was trying to make a beat with my cousin’s laptop for the first time, and I decided to write a song for it. After I produced that beat, a friend took me to a studio to record. 

In addition to his prowess as a songwriter, Tyson Perfect also showcases his exceptional talent as a producer. With an ear for catchy sounds and attention to detail, he expertly weaves together components from various genres, creating a rich and immersive sound. His production style is marked by its simplicity and texture, setting him apart in the industry.

“My production is the reason my sounds are unique because I handle 100% of my music production. I write, record, and produce my songs. I’m trying to create my sound, build a legacy for my name, and create a different narrative for people trying to make music from my hood. My sounds are emotional, and no matter the vibe of the instrumental, it always communicates to people because I sing what people can relate to,” he says.

“I sound different and I produce differently.” The fact that I write, record, and produce my songs has given me an edge above some of my peers, and that’s what has given me a level of influence in my career.”

To his fans, expect a lot of new music and exciting projects from the singer this year as he continues to make a name for himself in the music industry.

As a rising artist and producer hailing from Bayelsa, Tyson Perfect possesses unique skills that set him apart. With a diverse range of influences and a passion for music, he effortlessly navigates between roles, creating catchy sounds and delivering beautiful lyrics.

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