Turkey’s Exports To Saudi Arabia Skyrocket To $800 Million

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Turkey’s exports to Saudi Arabia have experienced a remarkable surge, reaching a staggering $780.5 million during the January-April period.

The data provided by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) on Wednesday reveals an extraordinary growth rate of over 600% compared to the same period last year when exports stood at $107.4 million.

This surge in trade between Türkiye and Saudi Arabia highlights the positive outcomes of the normalized relations between the two countries.

Among Türkiye’s major export destinations from January to April, Germany secured the top spot with exports totalling $6.279 billion.

This is followed by the U.S. with $3.863 billion, Italy with $3.753 billion, the United Kingdom with $3.632 billion, and Spain with $3.248 billion.

Remarkably, Saudi Arabia, accounting for approximately 1% of Türkiye’s total exports during the four-month period, ranked as the 22nd top export destination.

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