Tinubu’s inclusion and thoughtful 15-day strategies are intriguing – Group


President Bola Tinubu’s inclusion and calculated approach to improving Nigerians’ lives just 15 days after taking office, according to a group operating under The Natives’ auspices, is attractive.

The Leader of the group, Smart Edwards, in a statement issued on Thursday, said in barely two weeks, Tinubu’s actions in office had startled both the old and the young.

The group said: “Mr. President, barely two weeks, your actions in office have startled both old and young, minorities and majority, naysayers and believers.

“From your decisive political will on fuel subsidy, the choice of reputable and capable Chief of Staff and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), the harmony of security agencies, engagement of stakeholders, the historical bills signed to the critical support given to your party’s candidate at the parliamentary elections, it is safe to say a New Era is here.”

It added that it was assured that the full stream strides to good governance and the pathway to the delivery of “renewed hope” is secured.

The group called on all Nigerians to join the wagon to greatness.

It noted: “In just 15 days, your inclusiveness and deliberate strategy to elevate our lives in this country is appealing.

“By courage, compassion and commitment, you set out to free our common heritage from those that held us back and as you constantly bulldoze the way, this has clearly heightened our confidence.

“We encourage you to stay on course, we salute your doggedness and support how you are daily translating your manifestos to reality.

“Nigeria, in the hands of a dedicated democrat, must catch up for a 30-year delay in our journey to hope and prosperity for the common man.”

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