Removal of fuel subsidies has decreased border crossing smuggling


The Comptroller, Nigeria Customs Service, Kwara State command, Kehinde Dehinde Ilesanmi disclosed this at the 2023 second quarter scorecard press briefing in Ilorin, the state capital.

He said economically, the price per litre of petrol has risen from the old price of N195 to N515 or N520, particularly in Ilorin, hence, the propensity to buy the petrol in volumes has reduced.

“The same thing that happened to people who have been purchasing the product legally, has happened to those doing it illegally.

“So the volume of the product to be purchased has drastically reduced and the volume to be transported outside the country has also reduced,” the comptroller declared.

“Therefore, how many people have the financial muscle to carry 500 Jerry cans of petrol?” He queried.

The customs comptroller described the fuel subsidy removal policy as a master stroke that has helped Nigeria to make the cabal that has been living on the largesse of the fuel subsidy even outside the country to have a re-think.

Kehinde, noted that “immediately the fuel subsidy was removed, there were demonstrations in the neighbouring countries of Nigeria.

“If you decide to sweep and clean your house, then your neighbours in the other flats start to demonstrate, that is to tell you that you have done something very significant.”

He noted that nobody whose source of livelihood has been blocked would lie low, hence the command is equally prepared for the task ahead.

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