Eniola Badmus claims that Nigerians purchase the cheapest gasoline worldwide.


Eniola Badmus, a star in Nollywood, has criticized individuals who have criticized President Bola Tinubu for eliminating the gasoline subsidy.

It was previously reported that the price of fuel at the pump shot up to N617 per litre once the subsidy was eliminated.

However, Badmus argued that Nigeria still has the lowest petrol prices in the world in a recent interview with well-known media personality Daddy Freeze.

She claimed that many of the president’s detractors are unaware of the advantages of eliminating gasoline subsidies.

She said, “A lot of these keypad warriors do not even have an idea of what subsidy is. It was when they removed it that they knew what the government was doing. Even till now, I think we still buy the cheapest fuel in the world.”

The 40-year-old thespian maintained that her support for President Tinubu remains unshakable, stressing that she has “never seen a philanthropist as our current president.”

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