Enugu is rocked by protests, with reports of three deaths.


After three residents were allegedly killed, tension in Enugu State increased as protests erupted in the city of Coal City.

In response to the State government shutting their stores because they didn’t open for business on Monday, traders marched to the streets on Wednesday morning, according to daily post

At least three people reportedly were shot dead during the allegedly violent rally.

Two young men’s and a woman’s lifeless bodies are seen on video clips.

According to reports, security personnel were sent to scatter the demonstrators. But it’s not clear who actually fired the rounds.

In a statement made accessible to journalists, DSP Daniel Ndukwe, the police public relations officer for the Enugu State Command, declared that normalcy had been restored.

The police spokesman said the peaceful protest by the traders was hijacked.

Ndukwe said: “Normalcy has been restored at Ogbete Market Enugu and its surroundings, following the report of protest by some traders over the sealing of their shops by the State Government and their attempt to force others, whose shops were not sealed, to close theirs and the entire market closed.

“The initially peaceful protest was hijacked and made to become violent.

“Traders in the market and citizens alike have been pleaded with to remain law-abiding, peaceful and cooperative, while using approved channels to express their grievances.

“Full-scale investigation has been initiated on the orders of the Commissioner of Police, while further development, especially as it concerns reports of casualties being circulated, will be communicated as soon as possible, please.”

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