I was nominated for a ministerial position by Tinubu alone. Umahi, Dave


President Bola Tinubu was the only person responsible, according to Senator Dave Umahi of Ebonyi South, for the appointment of the minister from his state.

NAN claims that Umahi told the superintendent that he knew nothing about the ministry but promised to work hard to earn the trust that had been placed in him.

Francis Nwifuru, the governor of Ebonyi State, welcomed him before he spoke to the media in Abakaliki.

The former governor expressed his gratitude to President Tinubu for “fulfilling his promise during the trying period” and that he owed him a great deal.

According to Umahi: “My governor (Nwifuru) should be happy because he wished for it.

“I will work with the president to ensure that all promises he made are kept.

“I cannot determine the particular ministry to head but I will justify the Ebonyi character of resourcefulness and exceptionality.”

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