AAC denies endorsing Kogi governorship election


In a statement released on Wednesday, the African Action Congress claimed that the All Progressive Congress had deceitfully included the party as one of the parties supporting the Kogi State election on Saturday in an attempt to find legitimacy for the violent elections.

AAC denied endorsing the results of the Kogi State governorship election on Saturday, November 11, calling it a contest marked by “gross malfeasance and fraud.”

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The party has maintained that not all necessary components of a free, fair, and credible poll are present in the process.

The Kogi state governorship race was proclaimed won by Ahmed Ododo, the All Progressives Congress candidate, by the Independent National Electoral Commission on Sunday.

Locals in Kogi State’s Ogori-Magongo Local Government Area had expressed disapproval over results being entered on result sheets before accreditation and voting had started.

People who overran the Magongo RAC center complained that, as a result of INEC and APC officials cooperating, results from all of the local government’s polling places had already been recorded before the election had even started.

Following the demonstration, INEC called off the election in 67 local government polling places.

In response to a report stating that certain political parties, including the AAC, had endorsed the election as legitimate, free, and acceptable to opposition parties, the AAC leadership refuted this claim.

AAC in a statement issued on Wednesday said that APC in a desperate move to shop legitimacy for the electoral violence has mischievously listed the party as one of the parties endorsing the election that took place on Saturday.

The statement partly reads: “In a desperate move to shop legitimacy for the electoral violence, the misconduct, gross malfeasance and fraud that occasioned Kogi elections conducted by both INEC and Yahaya Bello, the APC has mischievously listed our party, the AAC as one of the parties endorsing the charade that took place on Saturday.

“We want to state clearly that our party, the African Action Congress did and will not endorse the criminality of Yahaya Bello, his stooge and their party, the APC.

“We maintain that the electoral processes fell short of every element of freeness or fairness and until power is given based on the free will of the people, there’s no way bourgeoisie democracy can deliver the aspirations of the people.”

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