Jide Kosoko@70: Isale Eko Descendants Union Celebrates Veteran Actor


The Isale Eko Descendants Union, IDU, has joyously extended warm wishes and congratulations to the iconic Nigerian actor, Prince Jide Kosoko, on the occasion of his remarkable 70th birthday.

The union, in a statement signed by its Chairman, Adeniji Kazeem (SAN), said the milestone is a testament to Kosoko’s incredible contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry and his unwavering commitment to the arts.


Kazeem, in the press statement, added that Kosoko has proven to be a distinguished figure, not only for his inimitable talent as an actor but also for his versatility and dedication to the world of film and theatre.


The group added that the actor’s performances have not only entertained audiences across generations but have also served as a source of inspiration for aspiring actors who look up to him with admiration.


Kazeem aptly described Kosoko as a true ‘Omo Eko Pataki’ who preserved the dignity of the revered Eko royalty and has consistently projected the ancient city in a positive light through his numerous works and engagements.


“His artistic endeavours have become a source of pride for the Isale Eko community and the entire nation,” Kazeem was quoted in the statement.


“Beyond the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, Kosoko’s commitment to cultural and community engagements further solidifies his status as a cultural ambassador. The Isale Eko Descendants Union acknowledges and celebrates this enduring legacy that reaches beyond the silver screen.


“The 70th birthday celebration of Prince Kosoko serves as a moment of reflection on the joy he has brought to countless hearts through his illustrious career. It is a celebration of a man who has not only made a mark in the entertainment industry but has also contributed significantly to the cultural tapestry of Nigeria.


“We, the Isale Eko Descendants Union, express our heartfelt gratitude for Prince Kosoko’s invaluable contributions to the creative arts. May this milestone birthday celebration be a beacon of joy, reflecting the impact of a career that has touched the lives of many. As Prince Kosoko enters this new phase of life, we wish him continued success, good health, and happiness in the years ahead.”

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