Israel affirms military operations will intensify with focus on strategic areas


As heavy fighting persists in the southern city of Khan Younis, Israel’s Defence Chief, Yoav Gallant, affirms that military operations will intensify with a focus on this strategic area.


Gallant announces an escalation of the ground offensive in Khan Younis, stating that the ongoing intensive operation will expand further.

Gallant says comments on war phases not meant for 'some woman' from south,  drawing ire | The Times of Israel

“We are carrying out an intensive operation in the Khan Younis area and it will continue to expand,” said Gallant.


“The plumes of smoke from the tanks, artillery and air force planes will continue to cover the skies of the Gaza Strip until we achieve our goals – chief among them the defeat of Hamas and the return of hostages to their homes.”


Israel remains resolute in its commitment to “annihilate” Hamas following the October 7 attack, launching a relentless offensive that has resulted in significant casualties.


The death toll in Gaza has surged to at least 25,105, with a majority being women and children.

The conflict continues to unfold with implications for the broader regional landscape.

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