My book Metamorphosis was inspired by COVID-19 Impact in Nigeria’s Event Planning Industry—CD Velvet Expression

The founder and Creative Director, The Velvet Expression Onyinye Ejike who recently launched her book at the Bon Voyage Hotel Lagos Island has revealed that the book Metamorphosis was inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Speaking at the event which was a convergence of stakeholders of the Nigeria event planning industry and creatives Ejike said: “What experienced during and after the pandemic inspired me to pen down the pages of this book. “Metamorphosis” delves into the heart of my struggles, the lessons learned, and the evolution of my business post-Covid.”
Explaining further,  she said: “The book is a narrative that mirrors the transformative process in biology — from the immature larva to the maturity of a butterfly. The experiences etched in these pages have made me wiser, stronger, and more adaptable.”
“Like most people globally, I faced unprecedented challenges, and the bustling engagement in the event space plummeted to zero. To stay afloat, | ventured into logistics, agriculture, and consulting — fields  I never imagined myself exploring.”
“Covid, in its humbling force, became the catalyst for introspection and reinvention. The challenges became the ink, and the lessons became the building blocks for my journey”, she added.
Sharing his experience during covid 19, popular music artist, and ‘Iyawo my crooner’ Timi Dakolo said: “I wrote a lot of songs during the covid 19 era, but one thing the period taught me is that what people see as normal can change in a flash.”
“Everyone is now careful of how they are spending their resources.”
“People need to diversify and have multiple streams of income. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Have different things that you can do to earn in case one closes down or begins to crumble”, he added.
 Commending the author of the book, the president Association of Professional Party Organizers and Event Managers of Nigeria, Appoemn Adefunke Kuyoro (Mrs K) said: “I am so proud of her. People go through things but don’t document them.

“For her to go through that and do this laudable thing I think it is commendable.”

Kuyoro noted that most of the people who will come after us will not know what exactly we went through unless it was penned down.  Like I said so that people will know what we went through,  how we were shut down, some people went to their knees, and yet we had the resilience to stand again, I think it is worthy of note.”

A lot of people would relate to Metamorphosis as it resonates with the challenges they faced. The details inspire while the transformation depicts a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

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