What to Expect : Big Brother Naija Season 9 “Mirror” Is Set To Begin Soon


The fans are ready, the cable subscriptions have been paid for, Multichoice is ready to serve, and Big Brother Naija season 9 is here!

The ninth season of the prestigious reality show is set to hit the road this July and it is coming with a twist.

Big Brother Naija season 9 tagged #FollowFollow as announced by the organisers, Multichoice, will bring you entertainment from a reality show like you’ve never seen before!

From the information gathered, the selected housemates would be competing as a pair, for the first time, which means, that whatever affects one person automatically affects the other! 

After a successful and suspenseful season 8 in 2023, which was an All-Stars addition and saw 22-year-old Ilebaye Odiniya emerge as the winner, here are some moments, we are looking forward to from the new season:


Every fan of the show knows that each season produces a ship or ships – ship in this context referring to a romantic relationship between two housemates. We have even had housemates who met on the show go ahead to get married and build beautiful families, and this year, we are hoping we get some lovey-dovey moments as well.


What is the Big Brother Naija house without some drama? Some housemates even give us a hint on stage while being introduced by the host, that their strategy in the house would be to initiate drama and cause chaos. With this season having housemates in pairs, we are signing up for a lot of drama!


You would be wondering what a Big Brother Naija strategy is. Well, it refers to the tactics each contestant comes to the house with, in a bid to win the grand prize. In the past, we’ve heard contestants talk about having strategies like forming relationships, cooking, initiating drama, singing, and even manipulation! Which strategies work for who? We always find out on the show!


We have gotten unforgettable altercations from housemates on the Big Brother Naija show and this season will be no different. Messi Vs Tacha (Season 4), Bisola Vs Tboss (Season 2), Cee-C Vs Tobi (Season 3), Erica Vs Laycon (Season 5), Pere Vs Doyin (Season 8), Who would it be this season?


In Big Brother’s house, there are rules which are spelled out in black and white. As housemates, you are obligated to obey these rules. If you default, the consequences for your actions might be the dreaded disqualification! When you get disqualified, you leave the Big Brother Naija house with nothing! With over 5 housemates disqualified in total across different seasons, this part of the show always sends chills down our spines!

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