Having a Piece around Your Neck, Please



Sometimes all a guy need for that exclusive look on themselves is just to add a little dimension to the way they look. Fashion rarely implies how costly your attire is; it talks more on styling; knowing how to style yourself: what to add and what to remove on your outfit for the day is what makes the statement you’re looking for.




Just spinning a wrapper around your neck would go a long way in making you stand out with that outfit. Trendy guys are meticulous about their choice of styles, not that they are vying for the too expensive style, but they want something rich and personal. They want what would give them the right manly spicy look. At first you all thought it awkward to spin a scarf around your neck —we are not talking about your regular muffler which may not be too appropriate in warm period, just the local fabric.




Use your Kente, Ankara, Angelina and other local fabric to spice your neck area. Creative guys know what to do with material and how to rock it.


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