The agony of Abuja’s Kubwa residents


Kubwa is regarded as the most developed satellite towns in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) because the area is well planned while amenities like water, electricity and roads are also available. Most workers in the FCT are resident in Kubwa and because of the ten-lane expressway to the Abuja metropolis, it takes an average of 25 -30 minutes to get to work.

However, since the beginning of the rainy season this year, residents in the area have been experiencing poor supply of electricity while the untraced inner roads to the streets have been washed away big heavy rains creating huge gullies. While some streets are dotted with pools of water after the rains because of poor drainage, other streets in the area have water pipes exposed after the rain must have washed away the sand under which they were buried.

The situation of the roads has become a great concern to those who have to drive their vehicles to work in the morning and back in the evening. Sometimes vehicles would get stacked inside the gully on the road.

A residient of Kubwa Afolabi Oyewale who lives around Phase 3 area lamented that his vehicle had been affected by the bad road and had visited the mechanic workshop a couple of times to fix one thing or the other.

“The road is very bad and it is really affecting the residents here, especially those who have vehicles. We have made efforts on our own to fix it but because of the rains, it is now very bad” “I have visited the mechanic workshop to fix one theming or the other in e car and this cost a lot of money, particularly in the period when the economy is in bad shape”

“We also have the problem of poor supply of electricity in the area, it is not constant again, we only have in the night when everybody is already asleep. During the day, there is no electricity supply” “Despite the fact that they have increased electricity tariff, there is no light and people in this area rely more on generators and it is not easy with the increase in fuel price”, Oyewale said.

Another resident on NEPA road area, Okechukwu Opara said he had to be taking another route to his house because of the poor condition of the road “Because of the poor condition of the road in this area, I have to look for an alternative route to my house.

We hope this situation will improve after the rains” “The lasting solution to the problem is to tar the road and provide drainages, we hope the government will do something to make the road motorable so that residents can be happy while more development come to the area”, Opara said

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