Simple and Rich on Monochrome


Not that the norm ever left us, it just took a different shape and implies that once again we are back to the essentials. You shouldn’t be surprised at how massive a statement your ordinary black and white would make. You assume it is boring or out of fashion, especially in the world dishing out fascinating fashion sporadically, yet your long absence on it would just be noticed immediately you put it on because it is always unique and telling. You already have some black and white outfits in your wardrobe which makes it perfect that you wouldn’t have to spend much or any acquiring the style. Just go ahead and adorn yourself on it. It is simple, yet one of the classiest wear.


Ladies would just be perfect on fitted black pants and well-tailored white shirts to rock on. You can roll in the cuffs a little to move away from the regular. Then slay on high heels most apt for your outing. It bears your confidence to fore. Also remember you need some accessories to do the magic for you. Your choice of lipstick also matters. It is true that the red or the nude lipstick is almost always perfect for all occasions. Remember lipstick cannot adhere well to lips dry, chapped, or cracked. So applying a lip balm before going to bed a day before the function you are to attend is essential. It helps in giving you the softness you require for your lips to bear the attractiveness you require after applying your lippy the following morning. Also, you could slay on all monochrome looks using basic black or white accessories, but if you desire something more fun, you could go for coloured accessories.



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