The Miracle oil – Castor oil


There are great benefits you can get from using castor oil.  Old tradition used Castor oil as laxative, but today it can also be used as a cheap, natural solution for hair and skin problems and detoxifying of the liver. 

Benefits of Castor oil 


The ingredients in castor oil that helps hair growth both on your head, the eyebrows and the eyelashes are ricin oleic acid and omega 9 fatty acids. The high ricin oleic acid in castor oil is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent that keeps fungus or bacteria from stopping hair growth. While the high omega 9 fatty acids nourish the hair and the follicle, by deeply penetrating, into the pores and the follicles that produces hair. 

Apply only a little bit of castor oil to the ends of your hair instead of putting it on the scalp if you’re just looking for a natural hair smoother. 

To regrow the hair on your head, you can use castor oil as a scalp treatment. Because of the thickness of castor oil you can mix it with any lighter oil like coconut oil, olive oil etc. to help get it thinner for application onto your scalp. To thicken damaged or thinning hairline, use pure castor oil and apply it around the hairline.

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Castor oil can also be used to thicken and strengthen the eyelashes as well as reduce thinning and shedding. Use a cotton bud tip to apply castor oil on your eyelids.

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Castor oil can be used for growing thin eyebrows that had been over-plucked instead of pencil in the “bald” spots and missing the natural look of real eyebrows hair. To try this solution always buy the hexane free, organic and cold pressed castor oil or any organic and cold pressed castor oil. Apply it to the eyebrows every night after washing your face with cotton bud tips, after a couple of months, you should notice changes, thicker and darker eyebrows. 

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Reduction of scar tissue 

Castor oil can perform wonders on keloid types of scars and other scars that involve a lot of hardened scar tissue due to how it penetrates deeply through multiple skin layers and soften the skin. The belief is that because it softens the skin so much, it helps break down deep scar tissue and smoothen it out.  

Studies have also shown that castor bean oil can limit the inflammatory response in subcutaneous tissue, this property in the castor bean oil helps in reducing inflammation speed up wound healing, and reduce scarring more quickly.

Liver detox 

Also, because of its power in to penetrate through layers of the skin it can be used to detox the liver with a heat packs. To detox the liver from toxic, rub the castor oil on the side where your liver is and put hot pack or hot water bottle wrapped with towel over it. See the instruction on how to use castor oil to detox:

  1. Moisten flannel or cotton with castor oil.  (Add 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil to the castor oil, mix well.)
  2. Place moistened pad/cloth on right side of abdomen, just below rib cage (that’s where your liver is located). If using to detoxify kidneys, put them on your back where both kidneys are located.
  3. Secure the pad in place with the body wrap by wrapping around entire abdomen.
  4. Heat up the heating pad and place it on top of flannel pad.
  5. Lie down and keep the heat pack in place for about an hour.


 Castor oil is also good for the lips. It protects and makes the lips smoother with the aid of the  fatty acids property in it. It also gives the lip the natural shine that improves the look and health of the lips. Use a cotton bud tip to apply castor oil on your lip.


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