Life behind Closed Doors of One of Nigeria’s Top Gospel Artistes


You wouldn’t have counted one to three gospel artistes in the north-west of Nigeria, as well the entire middle belt of Nigeria — Plateau State in particular without mentioning  his name. He perhaps, arguably, is the gospel artiste with the highest number of stage collaboration. He’s not just being invited to conferences to bring God awesome presence down through praise and worship, but he also host a yearly conference he tags — Feast of Incense — where gospel artistes within Nigeria and beyond are invited — Bob Fitts, James Vincent, Margaret Manthanta , Chris Delvan, and Nathaniel Bassey  were some of  many who have graced the occasion the last time I checked.

His conference is not complete without a notable prophet within or beyond the shores of the country adding to the atmosphere of the occasion — Chuck Pearce one of the world renowned prophets based in Israel could no longer resist his invite despite his, Pearce’s, busy schedule and had to send his two children to grace one of Dap’s conferences on his behalf.


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The story hanging around him has it that he had to abandon his architecture programme when he was almost at the final year at the University of Jos for music. I could remember his mum say during his fortieth birthday that that decision he took was the greatest shock she had ever received from him.

If there is any disadvantage I have noticed about him is the fact that he most of the times set himself up. He suffers from what I termed the Maxwell Syndrome. John Maxwell held that if you’re finding it difficult to get your desire done then make it public. The pressure of not wanting people see you fail at your desire would push you into accomplishing it.

When his wife was asked how they met, she sighed and said “he just approached me and said I want to marry you” Somebody in the crowd swiftly raised “just like that”? “See me see trouble my brother, just like that oo” she replied. That is typically of him he says what he wants the way it is.



Lastly, before I drop my pen I must say he loves fashion. His mum held that he started this from childhood.  Who then am I talking about? Daps Dalyop Gwom — the gospel artiste who in my own assessment has the biggest platform —Feast of Incense — that has featured the highest number of prominent gospel around the world, and as well as the highest number of stage collaboration in the northern and middle belt areas of Nigeria, if not the entire Nigeria.

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