Slow Country is about a homeless single teenage mother Kome, who gets herself trapped in prostitution and drug trafficking for seven years, in order to give her son a good life. After sometime her son’s father Osas, came back for her and their son, Peter. When she decided to get out of it, her boss Tuvi, a ruthless human and drug trafficker who has invested ‘love, help and trust’ in her, is not ready to let her go because she is his most reliable cash revenue.

The film won the Audience Choice Awards at the 2016 Africa International Film festival, also a nominee for the AMAA 2017 Awards for Best Achievement in Makeup, Visual Effect, supporting Role Actor, Best Movies and Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Directed by Eric Aghimien, starring Folaremi Agunbiade, Imoudu Ayonote, Gina Castel

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