PSG Move and Neymar World Best Player Ambition



Following speculations that the reason for Neymar’s exit from Barcelona spurred from the frustration of playing behind Messi’s shadows, and a move to the French giant Paris Saint German would put an end to that. The speculations still remains unfounded, but one thing evident, maybe unspoken, that we have spotted around Neymar is his love for fame. Everybody wants fame, maybe in different proportion. The second could be he is eyeing the world best football player in no time, which Messi continuous presence and fitness may hinder being the point man of Barcelona team. Would the record move of 222 million euros to PSG hand him want he wants is still to be confirmed. But one thing already confirmed is he being the point man of the French giant in the coming season. Having other players search for him around the field by being the centre reference of the team, this time not behind Messi, might be a dream come true for him.


But for the World Best Player the uncertainty of he becoming one soon still lingers as usual. Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi continuous domination of the football scene don’t appear to be ending soon. So Neymar might just still be on the sideline, at least for the moment. Also, looking at media hype of respective leagues, I do not think the French ligue 1 has much media hype, unlike what the Spanish and the English Leagues enjoy respectively, which in effect may make it so difficult to erase Ronaldo and Messi dominance in football in a short time.




However, Neymar’s move can turn things around, but I still find it difficult to comprehend that he and the likes of Mbappe of Monaco can make the media pay special attention to the French Ligue 1. Nevertheless, a super exceptional display especially by Neymar and the entire PSG team in their local League and Champions League, as well Neymar’s brilliant contribution at the World Cup Finals for his country Brazil can just get him his long heart desire.


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