Senator Shehu Sani and Minister of Affairs: Political Class not Interested in Corruption Fight


Shehu Sanimin for affairs

The deputy chairman senate committee on foreign affairs Senator Shehu Sani has disclosed while speaking on NTA Tuesday Live that Nigeria’s political elites are not interested in the fight against corruption. He mentioned the pay cut and the declaration of assets done by the president and the vice president as a reflection of persons interested in the corruption fight, but asked how many of the political elites followed suit. He lamented that corruption is a major problem impeding our progress as a black community. “Corruption undermines the progress of the society”.

He held that people who got into the parliament through sponsors have no choice but to champion the interest of their sponsors, else they might be unseated by the latter. He rubbished the erroneous myth held by Nigerians that President Buhari alone can champion the cause against corruption without the political elites. He called for ethical revolution as a way out of this mess.



He stressed that the political elites need to understand that their existence as a class is dependent on the existence of the nation. He added that every institution has a role to play in the corruption fight. He also recommended better funding system for the anti-corruption agencies to have an improved fight against corruption.




He, however, applauded President Buhari for his anti-corruption fight which he held was the reason behind President Buhari appointment by the African Union as the front man in the fight against corruption in the continent.

In the same development, the Minister of Foreign Affair Geoffrey Onyeama on the same platform acknowledged the failure of the political class to portray themselves as worthy role models the youth can emulate. He stressed that the youths need role models in the political class who conveys integrity. He applauded President Buhari for his fight against corruption which has earned Nigeria a positive image in the outside world. He emphasized inclusive government and the practicing of democratic ideals as tools to manage corruption.


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