Falz Syndrome Sweeping the Streets of Nigeria




Do you use spectacles right? We know you do; maybe yours are used in preventing the rays of the sun from getting into your eyes, or perhaps in preventing dust from airing into your eyes, or probably to see well if yours is prescription recommended. But what can we make of those whose rings are without glasses, but yet are making fashion statements? You call it Falz syndrome because it was Falz who introduced the craze as a fashion statement, humorously, before it turned into a tornado.




When Falz first got into the Nigeria’s entertainment scene with his style of music, we saw it as a drift from the contemporary trend of music, yet he was able through consistency to nail his kind of flow into the hearts of many fans. However, he did not just drag in his kind of flow into the entertainment industry; but he has also proven to be funny, and to cap it all he dragged in his fashion statement into the industry which he had with time been able to nail, invincibly, into the hearts of many Nigerians and other fans. Initially, the style looks childish, but with time people were astonished at the response Nigerians gave to this trend. The response has gotten so massive in recent time that we had no choice but to come up with this piece.




Now, guys and ladies rock it. Initially, you thought ladies would rubbish that trend, but you couldn’t hide your astonishment when you see the level of acceptance ladies have taken to it. You take a sample of ladies and ask them why they are now involved in this, you may be surprise to hear them say: “it makes me look girlish. It improves our confidence. It improves our carriage.  It adds to our self-worth. Try one today!


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