Kunto for Styling Queens




Have you imaged how adoring your look will be on this style?   Looks that is lovely and sends guys off-guard. The looks that create conversations when you walk pass people. We know ladies crave for attention and they would go at any length to get it.




Many expensive styles may not match or look stylish, Nigeria’s classiest know this so they shop for conversation piece styles that would keep the attention on them and also keep them new every day.




Many of these styles when you  look at them the first time,  it appeared as a style that is quite boring, but when damsels wears them and you begin to see them dazzle it on the street it becomes alluring.




The above styles people simply call it off-shoulder, but it has a name, it is called kunto. Some would simply rock it on denim jeans, while some others would prefer a skirt to spice it up. It’s a style that hangs around the arm area. Image how right you will stand in the outfit. All you need for that excellent look is to act on styling. The result is usually admirable. Try kunto today.



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