Tu-Face: The Man of All Artistes


Scarcely would any artiste give kudos to anyone in the industry without mentioning Tu-Face. He is a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry. Tu-Face is wildly loved in the industry that may explain why he is so much revered in the industry.




Some have accorded him so much respect, that now they call him Tu-Baba or Ancestor, because he single handedly pave the way for the influx of the numerous artistes we now enjoy in the entertainment industry.

Even though he started out with a group, but the impact was not as massive as when he moved away to begin his own solo music; many have credited the love he enjoys among other artistes to his humility. Meanwhile, some people are also of the opinion that he is too humble to a fault. Some hold that his songs are legendary: African Queen and some other tracks are still standing the test of times.




For some ladies it is family life that gets them endeared to Tu-Face. Despite Tu-Face having a number of baby mamas before his marriage to Annie, he has displayed that he respects marriage by not committing another blunder of having another baby mama since his joining to Annie. In addition, he has been able to hold his family together despite being a major artist and his wife the same.  Ride on Tu-Face!

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