3 Simple Tricks for Staying New on Old Wears


Maybe you have nursed things the wrong way by having that if you must stay new daily you must acquire dresses frequently. This simply implies that a reasonable size of your income would have to go for the purchase of outfits. No, you don’t have to do that. Ladies especially loathe to be spotted with the same attire or styles frequently so a huge size of their income is used for the purchase of outfits. You won’t spend that much if you understand the tricks that would make you look new every day. It is just applying creativity in self-styling. They are here for you to read.


Give your shirt a full tuck in. What fashion experts regard as styling is not just about that fashioned from tailors, but also self-styling — how you choose to disregard the common norm and come up with something totally original — your own self signature. Something as simple as tucking your shirt in can have a huge impact on your day; it makes you look new, fresh and different especially if you have not been known in it before. Choose a nice belt for your waist if it needs one.


Making fashion statements implies you have to reinvent your outfits. Reinvention means creating something new from the existing . That s what you are about doing. You want to extract something new from your old wears. Now give your shirt a half tuck in. It maks more than sense to drift from the usual trend to have one’s peculiar signature!



Mere roll of your shirt cuffs or dragging it up can make all the difference you need in the world. If it doesn’t fit you it only implies you are not rocking it stylishly. Look for your own signature. Yours could be dragging it up to the elbow, or a slight roll away from the wrist or rolling it up to the elbow. In all just look for own style it surely fits. It makes you wow!


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