Beads have made Everyone Equal



Beads are in vogue now as a suitable alternative for expensive real gold jewelries. You can have them in different designs and colours to match any outfit. They are affordable in price and easily accessible as well compare to the real coral beads which are very expensive to buy. Majority of ladies have all become partakers as we love to join the trend when it makes sense.




For a lot of us we  probably grew up seeing it, but it wasn’t meant for the neck those days (in Nigeria), not too long anyway, it was found around the waist line of palm wine calabash to come up with what the Yoruba’s call shekere: a musical instrument helped by the palms to produce a unique sound. It was also common among the Ifa priest and priestess to braid their hair.




The next use those days was to use it around the waist line of maidens as a fashion statement. Today it is still used around the waistline, it invites attention to that spot, especially from the male folks.




But now the narrative has changed just like my friend in the fashion world once exclaimed in our fashion lesson: “everything gone is being brought back, but this time with some modification and perhaps a wide use”.




Ladies now adorn beads to make fashion statement. Unlike those days where nothing serves as a suitable alternative for expensive jewelries and some ladies would feel alienated from the trend. But today, beads have made everyone equal! The haves and the have not have reached equilibrium. You no longer need to feel alienated as regards necklace, nor should you spend that much to make fashion statement especially when adorn yourself in Africans’ traditional attire.




Give yourself a full look on traditional attire by adorning yourself with a bead necklace that suits your neck. If there are any accessories you need to spice up your traditional attire one of such in contemporary times is the bead necklace.  You must look polished on your traditional attire!


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