The two hairstyles Nigeria’s Classiest rock hand in hand


Classy ladies intelligence on fashion is never complete without knowing what next to put on to keep their fashion in line. Sometimes ladies make the wrong effort of putting on a wrong continuation of a very good fashion beginning.

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After rocking a hairstyle that makes a huge fashion statement, some ladies spoil the statement they’ve created by choosing a wrong hairstyle in their next hair making.

Please, understand that the next hairstyle you put on might be trendy, but may be a wrong effort on yourself. Fashion is continuous. When you start a particular kind of fashion statement you need to know what kind of new fashion that you would introduce that would continue the process.

Don’t jump from one fashion track to another. When you start a fashion wave and you dump it to move to another, and if it happens over and over again even if everything thing you’re jumping to is trendy, it simply shows you’re scattered.


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Classy ladies would have me tell you that when it comes to being classy they know what to wear after another to continue the fashion statement they’ve started. It spices your beauty up, and hangs intelligence around you. It shows you plan your fashion life.

It shows you know what next to introduce on yourself to maintain the fashion wave you’ve started.  Ponytail and braid goes hand in hand. If you’re dropping one, the other is most times the suitable alternative classy intelligent ladies rock. They may not be able to give you a suitable reason for this just like most things in fashion that lack reasons, but they would be able to tell you it is a natural shift that comes to them easily.


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In other words, if you’re leaving braid then it should be ponytail and vice versa. However, I must state that the shift is usually more sweet when you move from braid to ponytail than from ponytail to braid.



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