Four Things the Red Lipstick does for you that You don’t Know





You crave for attention, and I trust you would go at any length to get it. What would you do to get the ultimate guy in that function, if you are single and you are set to attend? It is not enough to rock the glittering attire, set your foot in the latest shoes, arraign your face with on point make overs, beautify your wrists with nice looking bangles, but all without a glistening red lippy on your lips to catch the attention. Then you are not ready for that ultimate guy. Classy ladies complete their daily beauty pageant prospect with a nice red lippy on their lips to get all the attention they want in the world, especially from the opposite sex.



Classy ladies wardrobes are never complete without lipsticks, and the most important of all is the red lipstick. We gathered that, at least, ladies could do away with other lippy, but the red lippy appears indispensable in their wardrobes. Most people grew up seeing their mum adorning her lips always with the red lip stick, and had always thought that was the only colour available, until later.  Here are five things it does:




Classy ladies would tell you that when it comes to being classy they, most of the times, opt for the red lipstick. It spices your beauty up. It booms out your figure especially your face. It makes all the necessary statement you intend for the day.

When you’re in for a social function and you desire to be interesting, even when you’re saying something boring try a red lipstick! But ensure that you make it glossy! Red lippy makes you interesting to listen to.

Sexual appeal also comes with this. If you don’t want this, dress in something decent it douses the hype of the glossy red lippy. You rock it in something decent if you don’t want this appeal.

Women of substance also rock it. It has a way of making people know “she’s the boss”. Women in charge rock it to, unconsciously most times, signal their worth.



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