Four Hairstyles Nigeria’s Classiest Love to Rock



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It’s no longer news that ladies love to sell themselves through nice hairstyles. Well-tailored outfit, well rubbed make-over, perfectly lined lipstick graced with a clean tooth just behind would have all of them spoilt from unkempt hair, or as it is common in today’s world — hairstyles that do not fit, or one less befitting to an occasion one intends to attend. Classy ladies are meticulous about their choice of hairstyles, not that they are vying for the too expensive style, but they know what they want. They want what would give them the right head shape. Many expensive hairstyles may not match. Nigeria’s classiest know this so, they shop for hairstyles that would keep them new every day. These are top classiest style Nigeria queens love to rock:

This is layered hairstyle. It is not uncommon that a man typically wants is woman on a long hairstyle. There is such a brilliance that accompanies hairstyles like this. It makes you look tender and lovable. It appears classy queens now have what to make their man sit at home whenever they want him.




Some say it is just another new beginning of past beginnings. The Afro style was one the earliest fashion in Nigeria. It was most common in the 1970’s to 90’s, only to fizzle out with time. But it is now back better and more attractive. It is most common among the singles. You try when you intend to make a fashion statement. This is a remix of the old afro style.



You tell a lady who pays attention to details by the kind of hairstyle she rocks — if not every time at least sometimes. Ponytail is the next to look at. Just to hang out with your guy and you want him to think about you all the through the night after hanging out, ponytail is what Nigeria’s classiest rocks to give their guy that dream.



Of course, Nigeria’s classiest would conclude that I know less about them if I refuse to mention the braid as part of what they love to rock. See the braid.


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