Two Close Cities but of different Sound Tastes




We found out from our waka waka around town that two cities can actually be close, like very close, to each other yet their choice of music varies. We’re not talking about a slight variance but a wide one. We know you would be wondering what cities we are talking about; it is Ibadan and Lagos cities respectively.




In recent times we’ve seen influx of artistes from Lagos storm  the city of Ibadan hosting shows, having concerts, rocking parties with their presence; just as we’ve had artistes from Ibadan storm Lagos and cleared their doubts as against the widely held belief that Ibadan is an underdog when it comes to entertainment. Despite this, one is still left in a conundrum as regards the choice of music, we mean taste of sounds that the residents of these two cities like.




This disparity can also be easily noticed in their choice of top ten of the week. Of course we have seen owners of top radio stations in Lagos bring a replica of their stations to Ibadan some would even give it the same name; just like the case of Beat FM and Naija FM, and the same mode operation, still the choice of sounds varies. Of course, Ibadan have gone past the era of playing some old tunes which many youths of today consider boring for the bar; yet the happening sounds of both cities still varies.




Even the banging hits at clubs differ; radio listeners’ requests of both cities vary as well. Looking at this one would rarely have an option but to ask how two cities can be this close and their artistes having great collaboration together yet their taste of sound varies widely.




Of course, Ibadan is often described as being conservative many residents of this axis want something calmer, soft, and sometimes when they need a banga, especially in a club, they might not be exact as regards what particular hit can put them in that dance mood probably because they’re not really in the know. Even the disc jockeys of this axis are most times guilty of playing that can move the legs, not something typical of a club vibe.

On the other hand, Lagosians know what they want and their disc jockeys know how to get them there.

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