Rocking Purple All Purple




Of course there could be a million and one reason why opt for a particular line of lipstick — I mean a particular colour lipstick. You might have heard people give diverse reasons why they prefer a particular colour; for instance, the red colour lipstick  have been said by many that it goes almost always with their outfit of the day so they rock it for its versatility.



However, there are some lipsticks people rarely rock. They are rocked occasionally because they are too choosy on the kind of cloths you can rock them with. One of such lipstick is the purple colour. You scarcely know what agenda the purple lipstick set for you. Maybe you’re just one of those people who use purple lipstick because it matches your wear for the day and then you rock it; but you’re unaware of many other things it does.




So let’s highlight what it does for you. All lipsticks make you attractive, but their attractiveness varies and therefore connotes different meaning. However, in this article, we won’t be talking about the level or/and the kind of attraction that each lipstick colour gives you anytime you adorn it. We would do justice to that in our next article.

Back to Purple lipstick and the attraction you get from it. Purple lipstick has been rightly said to be appropriate when you’re in for a to-match kind of wear. It could be your native wrapper and a blouse; as well as your heels, but at least one of those would usually have a fleck of purple on them before going with a purple lipstick.




However, away from that obvious combination, your purple lipstick can always fit into any kinds of casual wear. Purple lippy are more suitable for young ladies than older ladies or women on casual wears; some environments may not really see the older ladies in responsible light when they wear purple lippy. However, when it comes to rocking it with to-match wears it is extremely suitable for long married women or older ladies.




For young ladies the purple lippy would be suitable for that date. It makes you look hot and ready to mingle. It draws out the want to mingle part of you which would be obvious to the opposite sex. It is mostly suitable for ladies who are single and searching. This lippy spurs the desire of asking you out from the opposite sex especially when you are in your attractive you. You desire to be in that dinner, party, function and a host of others and want to have a date then try a purple lippy on your nice wear and there you go.


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