President Buhari May Not Win 2019 Presidential Election, If He Re Contests


According to Bolaji Abdullahi, The National Public Secretary of the APC, the party is worried that President Muhammadu Buhari may not be re-elected at the 2019 election as pressure increases on him to address the Fulani herdsmen attack on Nigerian citizens urgently before the General Elections.


He said: “We are worried about the way herdsmen kill people and we know it has the potential to affect Buhari political fortune if we don’t deal with it decisively with the way we dealt with Boko Haram. If we fail to do that, we also know the consequences because we had a recent experience.


“The significant part of it is that even as we speak, there is also the interpretation of what is going on regarding the herdsmen. You will recall that some people said what happened in Benue was a communal clash, some said it was Ortom who had some militias and refused to pay them and it was the militias who turned their weapons against the people.


“I don’t speak for Buhari but for the party. It is frightening for us to hear this, at the party level, we are having a conversation, that we want to see the President and tell him that this interpretation you are being given is potentially destructive to our party and your own position as the President and potential candidate of the party in 2019”.


He said: President Buhari has not visited Benue since the killings, because, “We don’t know the information the President has and we don’t know what the security people are telling him. When you are in power, you are being held hostage.


“APC is optimistic that the herdsmen challenge would be solved as it is the responsibility of the APC-led Federal Government to nip the crisis in the bud, but the people should be warned to be less inflammatory about the issue on ground.


“If the way to solve the herdsmen killings was to set up cattle colonies, such move should be embraced by Nigerians rather than playing the role of critics.”


Source: post-nigeria


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