Red Card Movement: Nigeria will claim the 21st century if we get the right kind of leaders- Oby Ezekwesili

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The Red Card Movement is a campaign to encourage citizens to vote out bad governments and also boost their participation and engagement in post-election


Red Card Movement challenges the apathetic to take control over the nations’ great destiny, with a fresh, cool and sexy approach.

The movement also seeks to unite people to send badly behaved governments off the pitch using their voters card, simply because they deserve better.



Nigeria’s former Minister of Education and convener of the Bring Back Our Girls BBOG movement Oby Ezekwesili is the brain behind this new movement which has been gathering political momentum across Nigeria.


According to her tweet on the 4th of January 2018, the movement is the expression of her political agenda for the year, aimed specifically at the disadvantage of the nation’s two most recognized parties, the All Progressives Congress APC and the People’s Democratic Party PDP.


“I have a Political Agenda for 2019 Elections.


“It is that neither APC nor its twin brother (yes, how does 6 differ from half a dozen?) PDP should win the 2019 State and Federal legislative and executive Elections.


“I am totally committed to this Agenda.


“My Political Agenda is SIMPLE.


“I shall ACTIVELY campaign against APC and PDP in the 2019 Elections EXCEPT in rare cases where they field NEW MINDS with STRONG RECORD of Public Interest.


“I shall ACTIVELY campaign FOR the BEST CANDIDATES of all OTHER PARTIES in the Elections,” she tweeted.


Dr Ezekwesili is not new to the trade of mass mobilization for a cause she believes in. The Bring Back Our Girls Movement and its hashtag took root from a speech she gave on the 23rd of April 2014 at Port Harcourt, creating one of the most universally acclaimed online campaigns on social media. Last year, the former Minister rallied support for a pro-environmental campaign #PickThatTrash which has gone from a mere twitter thing with its icon as a hashtag, to documenting its codes and holding an offline clean-up event in Lagos with Mrs Ezekwesili in participation.




While people are angry with the present government and the past before it; she has made it clear that her agenda for next elections in 2019 will be to reject the APC and PDP until another credible alternative emerges. She has a right to that agenda whether personal or for the people she leads either on social media or in her organization. She is a citizen and desires good for Nigeria. However, the real question is; if the APC and PDP are rejected as she is advising her followers and those who care to listen and follow her lead what other options do Nigerians have?


“No more reward of Governance Failure in our country. Citizens are NOT JOKING. Let those who want to play continue.


“We must push the boundaries of accountability. We are awakening the citizens to become active in choosing the right leaders. We are back to double digit inflation. Volatility affects confidence which also affects investments,” she tweeted on Monday.

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