Defend yourselves, don’t be killed like chickens; Unongo urges Benue citizens


The immediate past chairman of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) Chief Paul Unongo has called on citizens of Benue state to rise up in the defence of their communities to avoid been killed by marauding Fulani herdsmen.

At a stakeholders meeting yesterday, the former Minister of Steel said it was paramount the citizens defend themselves if the government fails in its responsibility to do so.

“I am urging you because I know that under the UN chatter, if your government fails to protect you, you can protect yourself; it is no crime. Our people should, therefore organise, themselves around the traditional rulership to defend yourselves.

“And I also state categorical on our alliance with the North, that if in time of need your own friend is not going to help you, you are under bounds to make new friendship that will be mutually beneficial,” he said.

Meanwhile a cross section of the stakeholders gathered at the meeting has warned that Benue state might cease to be recognized as a northern state if the continued spate of attacks is not checked.

Unanimously, the stakeholders called for the restructuring of Nigeria to address the numerous challenges facing the country.

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